Friday, 17 February 2017

Keep on crocheting, keep on crocheting, whilst taking a trip down memory lane.

The trick seems to be to just keep going in whatever craft project you enjoy, not because it's a chore to stay motivated but because like this photo shows there are ups and downs - even in hobbies. The exciting parts that are in planning etc and the not so pleasing parts when 'it just doesn't look right!'

Busy crocheting my CAL (crochet-a-long) Attic 24 Moorland Blanket. Unsurprisingly I'm not keeping up with the correct weeks work, though it's progressing ok. Halfway through the second weeks work and it's moving from the dull greens to purple heather colours found on the Yorkshire Moors, beautiful even if I do say so myself. I do love green, it's my favourite colour, but... it'll be lovely to see more variety in the moorland palette.
The colour palette of the Stylecraft special DK that will make up the neat wave pattern for this blanket. The ladies at the crochet club who meet monthly at the library were worried I'd run out of wool after making these pegs up- er no! I just thought it'd be handy once the labels are cut off. In truth though, I always wrap the label in with the yarn end when I've finished that colour.

Casting my mind back- many years ago, I realise I've come full circle (kind of). Having started with French knitting, then my Mum taught me to knit (I wasn't a very patient learner- sorry Mum). Then after receiving a 'My Fun With Wool Book' one Christmas, I dived into crochet. I would visit a lovely lady called Queenie- who painted these stones, sadly no longer with us, she would welcome me with a drink and encourage me to chat (as if I needed help with that- oops!) and crochet. We'd while away the time crocheting granny squares ready for a waistcoat only to be made into a blanket instead. Then followed a short spell of ironing transfers onto cotton fabric and trying unsuccessfully to embroider. I never could get the hang of embroidery, though it does look so beautiful.
Many years later M (husband), encouraged me to try cross-stitch which kept me busy for quite a long time before returning to knitting and now crochet again which has become my main hobby passion. Most of the lovely things I've made have been given away as presents- which is nice for the recipients, but leaves a hole without a photograph. From cross-stitch pictures, cushions & a paperweight- to a knitted nurse for my Mum and some baby clothes & Barbie doll outfits. Here are some knitted characters that were added to Christmas stockings before the boys were teens and M's knitted car driver minus his hat. I kept the knitted scarves for myself and also made some socks for M and lastly for now I remember knitting a rather large Mr. Blobby for my niece- very pink!

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