Friday, 24 February 2017

Crochet & Natter

Welcome back, I wasn't sure how often I'd be popping in to write this blog as I don't want to be talking about all the things I've 'not' been doing. Instead I hoped to use this to motivate myself by being accountable to you. Also teen 1 keeps saying - have you done your blog yet Mum! So if I want to write, then I must get to work first. 

So this week, as storm Doris rages outside I sit and carry on hooking a bit more of the Moorland blanket. Progress is slow as life gets in the way with meetings to go to, shopping, work and constantly rushing round. Which reminds me, a hairdresser appointment got forgotten last week, oops! Note to self, apologize and re-book. 

I did make it to 'Craft Circle' this week, a sort of knit & Natter where ladies are knitting for charity some 'fish n chip' jumpers and strips of double rib knitting. These are then sewn together to make blankets for babies in Africa. They seem happy to let me knit or crochet my own thing which is great as I really do need to focus on finishing existing projects. We natter away over tea and coffee, sometimes if there's a birthday they serve lovely cakes or biscuits. A few weeks ago we had our Christmas dinner out with the group which was an excellent meal. The sub money each week seems to pay for 2 meals out a year and any extra wool once the donated yarn is all gone. At 50p a week that's amazing. It's good to catch up with friends and something I absolutely love about the group is that I'm the youngest member- whoo hoo!

Teen 2 helped to make the most delicious white chocolate cheesecake at the weekend. I can't remember what we did last time but this one definitely had a very crumbly bottom. With so many cookery books but never overly happy with any of the complicated instructions or lacking a vital ingredient we decided to concoct our own recipe. I made another one today and a banana loaf cake and if it's a success I'll share the recipe soon.
Somebody on facebook was asking whether I was teaching crochet. With so many youtube videos and blogs with crochet teaching I was wondering if this would just be repeating what's been done already.
Meanwhile a friend has asked me to teach 6 members of her family and if it's a success to open it up for more home school children. Initially she'd asked me to teach them how to crochet a flower but realistically I think a Granny square will be simpler for a complete beginner. As the square will need a slip knot, chain, treble crochet and sewing in ends this will provide practice for most of the skills needed. The flower will need a round of double crochet before the petals.

These primulas provided the inspiration for my crochet sunny flower. At the moment my plants are inside as I love looking at them with their lovely bright colours. After crocheting the flower I decided it would be better to make it with 8 petals as it'll be a natural next step to join straight into a granny square. It was very rushed so not the neatest. 

Nearing the end of the month, everything catches up with me and I realised the Book club needed attention with printing the newsletter and questions. Thankfully the book has the questions in the back of the book. The book is Tainted by Brooke Morgan, which was my choice this time, I do hope everyone liked it. It's always hard when it's your choice as not everyone likes the same styles, though we've all said our reading material has widened since the start of the group. I saw it years ago when Tesco ran their own book club before they disbanded the idea. Left to my own devices I'd mainly read Debbie Macomber, Erica James and Katie Fford.  

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  1. Fish & Chip Jumpers/vests are:-
    Basically they're for the- poor babies in Africa who are born with aids and other diseases. They live in a very deprived area. They are apparently being sent home from hospital in newspapers, hence why they are being called the 'Fish and Chip Babies'. I've never taken home fish n chips wrapped in newspaper myself but....


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