Friday, 31 March 2017

Crochet Wash and Brush Up.

It's the last day of March today, a really beautiful sunny day, spring definitely seems to be here with warmer weather. Last night I actually turned off the heating and left the back door open! QT took advantage and strolled out into the garden for a rest on the garden path. After Knit & Natter this week I popped into the Co-op and saw these lovely bold roses and lilies. Such rich gorgeous colours, they look lovely in my new flower jug, I love turquoise. Poor teen 2 was getting quite fed up with me trailing the charity shops for vases or jugs for cut flowers. I don't know what will become of him if and when he marries as he hates shopping and doesn't really want to help carry bags. I asked him what he'd do when his wife was struggling and wanting shopping bags carried. He said he'd get her body building (shakes head).

We're having trouble at the moment with a crazy bird by the back door. He sits on the window ledge looking in and occasionally dive bombs the glass like he wants to get in. I've tried covering the window but it seems to make no difference. I thought he was wanting to mate with the furry cactus plant on the window sill but I think it must be his reflection he's attracted to. The vain bird obviously fancies himself. Any suggestions to discourage him would be gratefully received.

After the builder had popped in to discuss fitting a new front door and other complications arising from that, I decided to try again at baking some 'soft chewy flapjacks'. I searched on the internet and found various suggestions that basically said- use salted butter, soft brown sugar and cook for 20 mins approx in not too high an oven. Armed with these hints and tips I got the ingredients out from the pantry and my trusty well used recipe that we used to cook alongside the Sunday roast, many years ago. Anyway I've swapped ingredients and timings in the recipe and it seems to have been a success. I had to test it of course, lovely and soft and not my usual hard, break your teeth efforts but it does taste dry. Maybe I needed an extra tablespoon of golden syrup? If you have any tips for the perfect soft chewy flapjack recipe please do let me know.

This is my recipe with modifications after some research.

Flap Jacks
8 oz salted butter
2 oz soft brown sugar
4 tbsp golden syrup
16 oz oats
pinch salt (I didn't use this today)

160-170 *c 20 mins (this part is approx- as still experimenting).
Melt butter, stir in sugar and syrup
Combine with oats
Smooth into greased lined baking tin and bake.
Leave to cool in tin for 5 mins then cut into squares or fingers.
Remove from the tin after about 10 mins and stand on a cooling rack.

I was supposed to be having a clear out of 'junk' today such as old study material, diaries and bits and bobs of old paperwork, leaflets collected etc and also a cleaning session upstairs. Instead I faffed about looking for recipes, checked in on facebook and generally wasted precious time. So when the builder rang to say he'd be here in 10 mins is that ok! I had to say, er no. Sorry, having a bit of a lazy day, can you make that half an hour. He did quote me on that when he arrived, oops! Anyway I really mustn't waste a day off like that again, not good.

I did however unearth teen 1 washcloth that I'd started knitting a while ago now. It has his favourite rap singer's initials NF on it, spelt as in the graph pattern that M made up for me. The washcloth is based very loosely on the pattern (top left). The edging is the same but the actual flannel has purl stitches on the smooth knit side which form the letters. It's knitted in grey aran cotton yarn on 5 mm needles. This pattern was bought from a local wool shop but here are the details.

Which brings me to an ever growing pile of aran cotton for making some more crochet washcloths, although the pattern book I'll be using is actually for dishcloths, it'll be ok as some of the patterns are so intricate and delicate looking they'll be way too good for washing up duties. The Rico yarn shown is here and here.

I did say I wasn't going to buy anymore magazines as a good book seems far better value for money but... well anyway here is a magazine I picked up in town after Knit & Natter this week. One lady couldn't join us as her husband was ill in hospital.  

I've not taken any pictures of QT this week but instead I thought I'd show you this one from last year of him having a rub down on the swing/slide play deck set before we have to take it down. Another builder who is needing to get up on the roof wants to drive a cherry picker across the garden, which will result in the swing set needing to come down. Only visiting peeps with kids play on it anyway and QT isn't bothered either way. The end of an era, kids grown into teens don't need swings. 


The Journey for the book club is finished at last and some questions written up. I'm not really sure that I can recommend this book to you though as it was ok but not to my taste. There was nothing to particularly hold you and keep you interested. Neither were the characters particularly interesting enough to cause you to want to 'enter into their world' as it were. If you do like Josephine Cox as an author here is a list of all her other books.

Dinner tonight 'Friday night is pizza night'.
Jobs for the week- clear out junk and cover over book shelves in the front porch ready for the new front door and related messy work.
Finish knitting teen 1 washcloth

Do follow my blog and feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts.
Thank you for reading.

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