Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Bring me sunshine

Wow what a lovely sunny weekend! So nice to see the sun shinning. M was busy sanding and painting the front window ledges, just one more top coat to go. We are to have a new front door fitted next week, whoo hoo! How long we have struggled with opening and locking that wretched door is nobody's business. It shouldn't be exciting but...

I've been busy working and thinking about whether I really need to take on more work and just how many 'Knit and Natter' groups do I need to go to! Seriously it's good to do things but it must be enjoyable and more importantly doable. It's fitting it in and still being able to do stuff in my own home, like baking, craft and even housework.

I'm in the middle of sorting out my room, too much wool lol. I've got several boxes to sort and throw out with old diaries and study books from when I studied with the Open University. I've done the courses and passed, so why do I feel the need to hold onto everything, crazy! I'd quite like all the wool on an open shelf, a bit like a wool shop but I'm guessing that's asking for trouble with dust etc.

When I popped to the shops this week all the bunches of flowers were labeled 'Happy Mother's Day'. Well I bought these for myself, I liked the Roses and Alstroemeria and bought them simply because I enjoy them, beautiful.

This white Cyclamen was bought at Christmas and is still flowering nicely. It was held in a seagrass reindeer's back affectionately called Robbie but as he's been packed away in the top of the wardrobe, the cat bike houses the plant now. There's something quite restful about white flowers.

There's definitely a cat theme going on in my house as I now have another cat with his plant. M said he was reduced as the plant was dying- it only needed a drink poor thing. He also bought some planter pots for the patio as I wanted to get rid of all the tatty plastic or broken terracotta ones. It's for bulbs and bedding type plants really as they look nice when you look out the window or in warmer weather- sit outside.

This week I didn't go to Craft Circle, instead after work I went food shopping and rushed home to bake some bread, most shop bread seems to have soya in which I can't eat and I also made some chocolate brownies. These are gluten free, not that I need to be gluten free anymore but I got so used to the texture and I prefer gluten free baking now. It's less sticky! I do think having Anchor butter is better though so I'll have to make them again.

Then it was time for a dash round the downstairs with the hoover before the boys came home. I'm trying to stick to my 'one cleaning job a day' which my Mum recommended many years ago. I just don't want to spend a precious day off work, cleaning my home. 

I'm not sure why but I've always felt wrong about sitting down during the day doing craft work, crazy I know, as I'm sure many people do without a pause. Anyway, I've decided to give myself permission to sit down and crochet for sometime each day. Sounds good, let's see if I do.

QT certainly doesn't have a problem sitting down or even laying down during the day bless him, he's been lolling around by a sunny patio door, all soft and fluffy! Love him. 

then later I caught him having a spot of sun bathing on Mother's Day, right on the stairs, in everyone's way. There's a window opposite him on the stairs at the back of the house letting the sun shine straight in.

Tonight's dinner was chicken balti and rice
Jobs for the week, keep de-cluttering my bedroom (be ruthless).
Prepare book club newsletter
More crochet!

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