Monday, 17 April 2017

Easter Holiday

Happy Easter to you all, I hope this post finds you all well and enjoying the beautiful sunny weather this weekend. On Thursday last week, we set off on our travels to sunny Hampshire, in the past when we've visited family at this time of year it's been during a heat wave. Many years ago on a previous visit we arrived only to rush out and buy some shorts and t-shirts for the boys. This year the weather was pleasant and sunny with cool moments.

We set off after breakfast and for most of the journey both ways I got stuck into my crochet blanket. The journey itself wasn't too bad, thankfully the hold ups were going the other way. The teens wanted feeding halfway at Peterborough having finished their snacks and pizza they'd packed for the journey and we wanted a cuppa at least. Then we were off again.

It was a lovely visit to see my Mother-in-Law and her dog Douglas a gorgeous golden retriever. I miss my cat QT when we're away so it's always nice to see pets. We chatted and left presents for family and I continued with my crochet blanket. I think crochet must be catching as I have left behind the links to the blanket and some youtube tutorials.
We all took a stroll round the garden looking at plants and trees whilst taking photographs. I won't put them all on today, just a few I thought you'd like to see. 

These two photographs are of a Wedding Cake tree with two tiers growing at the moment. I'm not sure how large it will grow eventually but it looks big if it's anything like the photo link - information here. This particular part of the garden used to have a large raspberry cage on it that was enclosed in a net. I have fond memories of collecting raspberries from here, it was lovely having fresh raspberries for pudding over the years.

It was good to see the Catkins out in the garden, definitely a very seasonal stroll round the garden. M whizzed round part of the garden with the electric mower letting the teens have a go too. Ermintrude, the automated lawn mower was off being fixed on her holidays of sorts. A few more jobs were ticked off the 'to do' list and lovely meals were enjoyed including this one by Jamie Oliver - Sticky Chicken recipe. Another recipe that cooks everything all in the same pan, it was delicious.

Home again after stopping for fish and chips, we were welcomed by QT. He was pleased to see us back again and instantly wanted his dinner. It was good to be home and feeling a bit cooler in the house after nobody being there, we lit the fire, grabbed a cuppa and sat comfortably to watch Doctor Who. Wonderful. Just need to catch up on all the washing now.
Sunday we cooked two lots of cheese and onion pasties and mince pie slices which I made as long lengths and then cut them into inch thick slices. We took these to a friends house for a shared lunch and Easter egg hunt. It was a great afternoon chatting with friends, even though the weather was a bit damp.

Today, Bank Holiday Monday we went out to the beach for a family walk with the teens. It's nice that they are still happy to come out with us. I'll show some photographs next time I stop by. I'm off to crochet by the fire whilst watching the snooker with a roast chicken in the oven.

Hope you're well and enjoying the Easter break. Do leave a comment.
C x


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    1. Hi Regine, Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. Cathy x

  2. Hi Cathy,
    Thanks for stopping by our blog the other day, I thought I would come and reply here aswell because I know that Blogger can be very pesky and not notify people about replies to their comments on other blogs :)

    You are most welcome to follow and not join in, or just join in sometimes when you feel like it we are very happy for people to fit Five on Friday in whenever they can, no obligation to join in every week its very friendly and casual :)

    1. Hi Tricky Wolf,
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I will give it some thought and join in sometime. Sounds good especially as we all enjoy different things. It's how we talk about our interests that enthuse others. Good photos help of course - there's nothing like 'taking people' with you on a journey :)

  3. Glad you had a good Easter weekend. You were lucky with the weather, it is pretty drab here in Scotland!

    1. Thank you. Hopefully we'll all have warmer weather soon. Now Easter has past it's the school summer term. Thoughts will turn to sports day, summer fairs and summer hols soon. Exams, more school uniform etc.

  4. Hi Cathy,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and it is good to catch up with you. Sounds like you have a good Easter weekend with your relatives. I've never heard of a Wedding cake tree before, it looks interesting. Is that Lucy's Moorland blanket you are crocheting? It is on my wish list as I grew up in Yorkshire close to the moors and Lucy has completely captured the colours in this blanket. Have a good weekend.

    1. I'd never seen or heard of that particular tree either. Yes it's a Lucy blanket, the 'blanket' worded in red should link anyone that's interested, straight to the information about it.
      I'm hoping to crochet the Coastal one next over the summer. I seem to remember her mentioning another CAL starting next January. The colours on this particular one capture the moorland perfectly, it's been great seeing the change in colour as it progresses x