Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Crocheting a Scrubby and blanket progress

Crocheting a Scrubby 

As I continue to work on my attic 24 crochet blanket, it's got to the stage where it's too big to take to Craft Circle and Knit and Natter groups. I thought it'd be nice to crochet some washcloths, not only are these small enough to take where ever I need to be, but they often have beautiful patterns that help teach new skills.

Having made 3 washcloths now I was browsing in my book of dishcloths that has some lovely patterns inside. Crocheted with nice 100% aran cotton, these will work just as well for making face cloths.

Before I get started on a washcloth for teen 2 using the self patterning blue yarn above, see here for yarn, I thought I'd make a few scrubbies which are re-usable pads to clean your face. The 2 in the middle only took about 30 minutes each to make. The other 2 just a bit longer. The plain yarn can be found here and the patterns for the scrubbies can be found here and here. Both patterns use US terminology, to convert to UK terms here is a handy chart to use. On both of these patterns, if they don't already say so, at the end of the rounds I slip stitched to close the circle before moving on to the next instructions. Any aran worsted weight cotton yarn will produce good results, a conversion chart is here. This yarn I've managed to find in wool shops.

Do take a look at other washcloths either knitted or crocheted in the cloud of labels on the right. If you wish to know anything about materials or patterns etc do ask.

I'm getting closer to finishing my blanket, must get on with it! What more can I say!

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  1. I love the colors in your blanket! Blankets don't lend themselves well to blogging, do they? They just go on and on! But they are such nice things to have and to give.

  2. It was from a CAL which has long since finished, oops! The blanket does have the most gorgeous colours representing the Moorland from The Yorkshire Moors. You're right of course, blankets are too slow for blogging. Cx

  3. What a beautiful blanket and the scrubbies are fun too. I have never used a knitted wash cloth but have seen them a lot online. How often do you wash them? Are they good for wiping counters, washing up etc. They look so pretty, I quite fancy having a go, but they seem so unfamiliar to me! Lovely work.

    1. The links for free patterns are on this blog. One of them has a video too - the pink one.

  4. The scrubbies themselves above are 3" diameter and are for faces but the other 2 washcloths - the pink one and the cream one are actually dishcloths. The patterns I've given links for are on the relevant blogs. 'Crochet washcloth' and 'knitted washcloth' in the labels - right. I've only used them in the bathroom but they were made for kitchens so would be fine for washing up. You can crochet scrubbies for the kitchen too, I remember seeing some on youtube.
    Maybe make one as a washcloth first - they feel so lovely and soft on your skin. Even my 17 yr old teen doesn't want to go back to regular shop flannels again- amazing! But praise indeed. Then if you're feeling brave do a dishcloth. I wouldn't use expensive cotton for the dishcloth, simply because they get stained and oily, or at least my husband wrecks them lol. All the best x

  5. I have a blanket on the go too, but it's tough to blog about when they take so long! xx


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