Saturday, 12 August 2017

In the garden

I'm joining with 'Five on Friday' sharing a few pretty flowers from the garden. In no particular order,  some shouty bright flowers or berries. Then an update on what I've been up to this week. 

A delicate beautiful Carnation.


Allium - spring onion going to seed. We (M) grew some spring onion bulbs in a raised box border last year. We literally ate the green tops and planted the white bulbs with the roots intact. At the time I was only eating the green part of the spring onion. Whilst following the Fodmap diet, you exclude the food that's classed as 'high fodmap' which includes onion. It did seem strange discarding the white part and cooking only the green part. You do eventually add these foods back into your diet to judge your tolerance level. If you know anyone with IBS this book may help. I've since found I can't tolerate soya, including soy sauce, though that's not a fodmap issue. 

If you know the names any of the plants in this border, please let me know in the comments. I'd be very interested to know as gardening is not my speciality. This border stretches the length of the garden and is positioned under the washing line.

Buddleia plant, also in the same border. There are different shades of these here and here. Both here and at a previous property, we've grown 2 different colours. According to the on-line article in The Telegraph (link above) we should all have at least one Buddleia in our gardens. I quite like the bright pink and the deep purple variety.

Apart from wandering round the garden snapping photos, in a less hectic moment, last night we all went swimming in town, I can't remember the last time I've been swimming. I felt really out of condition and was aware I was swimming close to the bottom of the pool. I did manage to both float and then swim on my back for a half length. Both of these things I've never done before, so an achievement for me. After swimming, we returned home to some salmon fishcakes that I'd made beforehand.

At the moment I'm sitting relaxing in my lounge after lots of cleaning and baking. I've been having a bit of a spring clean, starting in the kitchen, dining room and lounge. The cakes were made for the church open home today. Unfortunately only one couple turned up and they bought a cake with them. Another lady in the village dropped a cake off too. I've put some in the freezer and M has taken some into work tonight. I'm looking forward to getting my crochet out later after all that.

Thank you for reading, have a good week. Please leave a comment and if you've enjoyed the blog, please follow. Cx.


  1. I love alliums that have gone to seed, I think the flower heads are very beautiful

    Thanks for joining in again with Five on Friday, I appreciate all of your support and hope you have a wonderful week


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