Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Summer at the weekend.

Hello, hope you had a good weekend. Mine was a strange one really. After lots of spring cleaning and making cakes ready for Saturday, I then froze some including the 2 cakes that people kindly donated. This weekend I'm planning on making millionaires shortbread and defrosting the others. The lemon curd cake is an All-in-One cake recipe, see here is really easy. The topping is simple too, made with sifted (crucial for speed) icing sugar combined with 3 or 4 tablespoons of lemon curd.

I love this dahlia, it brings back fond memories of cutting fresh flowers for customers in my parents florist and nursery shop, many years ago. They sold plants, shrubs, tomatoes and cucumber from the greenhouse and bags of soil etc.

My brother brought this cat garden ornament for me. He could probably do with a wash now, he's so old.

Another of my brothers presents. He was holding a green stick, a fishing rod type thing. We used to have a fish pond when living in Hampshire and after a long day at work in the summer months I'd sit by the pond sipping Pimms. Those were the days.

Delicate Gladioli petals, reminding me of candy floss at the seaside.

M is pleased his tomato plants are doing well this year. These ones were small plug plants from Aldi.

Sunday, time to relax in the garden. Armed with some crochet and a cuppa I set about doing a few more rows. It was such a lovely afternoon that I will confess to falling asleep in the garden. The cushions on the garden chairs are filled with tiny pieces of sponge which move about leaving areas without filling, most uncomfortable.

QT, enjoying some peace and quiet in the garden. The robin often shouts at him, making a dreadful racket. The robin is obviously protecting his own but mostly QT isn't interested in the birds. He has caught a few in the past, so he's not totally innocent, bless him.

I meant to post this blog yesterday, it's not been a happy home this weekend in our household. This was all completely out of our control and unfortunately can not be resolved. On a positive note, teen 1 despite the drama, has passed his theory test today. We are of course delighted as this is a requirement before moving onto the practical driving test. I'm particularly pleased as it was a struggle to find exactly where we should be within the complex and we went on quite a detour got lost to go shopping afterwards.

The teens and I visited the cafe in Tesco and had a mocha, hot chocolate and a summer mango crush. Then home to feed QT and cook dinner which was belly pork rashers and some roasted roots. I roasted carrots, red potatoes, onion, parsnips, with courgette and garlic, lemon and lime quarters all seasoned with black pepper and paprika and tossed in oil.

I made it to Craft Circle this week and took my blanket in to do another row or 2. Today I managed some more crochet on my scarf whilst waiting outside the test centre.
I'm off to catch up on some more crochet.

Hope you have a good week, thank you for visiting.


  1. What a lovely blog you've got, I've just read back right from the beginning (I tend to do that when I find a blog I like) and have really enjoyed your posts. Congratulations to Teen 1 on passing his theory test, neither of my grown up children have learnt to drive yet so they've all that to come. QT is such a beautiful boy, you mentioned in a past post that he had to have some tests at the vets, I hope all is well with him.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Jo. With the driving, so helpful M is a driving instructor, saves a big expense. Teen 1 picks me up on my habits, so I've been challenged to improve. With QT, the vet nurse is weighing him every 2 months to monitor his weight. He's lost a tiny bit recently but not enough to warrant blood tests for thyroid problem. At the moment he's fussy with his food, unhelpful! I'm concentrating on getting food into him and treating him to tinned tuna. At his next weigh in I'll ask about checking his arthritis, just to be clear if that's an issue. Thanks for your concern, we've only had him 2 years but he's a valued member of the family and loved to bits. Cathy x


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