Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Summer holidays

A few of the new pots M had planted up in the spring. 

Looking at these bright flowers in the garden, I'm reminded how fleeting a British summer can be. This year's summer vacation has turned into a stay-cation for our family. For the first part of our holiday, which was the church camp, M was in a lot of pain. Dosed up on paracetamol and awaiting a scan to rule out a hernia, teen 1 followed M's instructions and successfully hitched the caravan to the tow-bar. Then followed an incident with our gate and the reverse procedure back onto the drive. M really couldn't manage, so teen 1 and I escorted him back inside to rest.

After resting M thinks he may have pulled a muscle from twisting and cutting up logs in the garden. These were from the 2 large Sycamore trees we had cut down. We also cancelled our second camping holiday - booked in The New Forest. The plan was to take the teen's bikes so they could be more independent. We planned to visit our old church in Hampshire and my Mother-in-law. Sitting for a prolonged length of time on a car journey was out of the question for M, so we stayed at home.

Determined to enjoy some degree of a stay-cation, we relaxed and pottered about at home. These Sweet Peas were grown from seed from my parents garden. I was hoping we'd have a more abundant display, as they're perennials we're hoping to see more of them next year.

My quiet corner for some peace in the garden when it's too windy to sit outside. The tomato plants are dominating all the space at the moment. M has some dahlias, lupins, nasturtiums and carnations growing in there too. They'll all be transferred into the borders at some point. I noticed he's cluttered up my chair as well, the camera never lies.

Talking of cameras, this one is new to me, a birthday gift from M. I had a list (when don't I) of what it must do and slowly I'm getting used to it. I wanted one that although was point and shoot, had a program mode. M previous Canon camera I used was bulky and a pain to upload photographs as it wasn't compatible with the laptop. On this one Canon powershot SX620 HS, you can program - white balance, vivid colour, close up, auto exposure or program and flash on / off. There are many more features but these were the main needs.

Behind the greenhouse, the teens have loaded the crates M built with logs, ready for the winter.

Teen 2 has been busy helping M clear this border of removing stacked logs and weeds. The plan is to clear all the borders of weeds and plant up with anything worth keeping in the cleared spaces. A sort of garden shuffle. Until we know exactly the cause of the pain M experienced, he's taking things slower. He's looking into sourcing parts for repairing the caravan, though any repairs will need to wait a bit.

Having set up the tent for teen 2 in our place at the campsite, we visited him daily to provide his lunch and hang out and chat with the other campers. He ate with the other families there and though he'd originally planned on being alone (boring) in case people spoke to him, 2 of his friends joined him. They sang their hearts out karaoke style to music on his phone. I wished I'd given him a small campus burner as he loves his tea and was eating with people that never drink tea or coffee! Another family made him a cuppa one morning much to his delight, though they may not have enjoyed the singing the previous day.

Everyone had a fantastic time and there's talk of doing another one next year, they all joined in with the wide games and man hunt. Teen 1 and I enjoyed practicing on the site's golf driving range. Lots of chat and relaxed afternoons before we came home to comfy chairs and beds.

As weird and sad as it sounds that we didn't go away on holidays this year, we did all pull together as a family. Teen 1 especially showed a level of understanding, strength and determination that was admirable, particularly in sorting out the caravan twice and covering it in tarpaulin - not an easy task. We've played a few games of Rummikub as a family, particularly teen 2 has enjoyed 'leaving his room' for a very addictive game. This particular set was purchased from ebay after failing to find one in a charity shops.  

QT was determined to be included, he's had a very bad week with flea trouble. I treated him a week ago with Frontline from the vets. It's useless, 35 fleas later either burned in the grate, spliced in half or drowned after combing, things are improving. We've collected more room spray from the vets today and more treatment due in 3 weeks time. Sorry if you've started itching! Thankfully he's a good natured boy who likes being brushed and combed. He knows the next step is Dreamies cat biscuits.
NB the drowning method seemed to be the most effective. A small bowl of soapy water a flea comb, or in our case an old metal nit comb, a tissue and then flush it all away. I think the poor lad is feeling a bit bemused as he's never been so well groomed.

 You've gotta be kidding me! 

No. If I don't look, you can't see me. 

Craftwise, I've been quietly continuing with my crocheted blanket, I can see the end of this particular project and it's making me think of - what's next. The scarf, lighter and smaller has been taken out and about to be worked on too.

The rest of the holiday will be spent trying to fit things in such as shopping for school and college clothes, shoes and coats. Swimming and other activities continue as normal.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a lovely summer whatever you do.
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  1. Such beautiful flowers. Enjoy your other endeavours.

  2. Sometimes a holiday at home can be just as fabulous as one away. I hope your husband is soon feeling better. Rummikub is a traditional holiday game here. Enjoy your weeks of pottering around. x

  3. Thanks Christina. He's having a scan soon but he's taking it slow with outdoor jobs. We took the Rummikub to my parents today on a visit / buy shoes (from the Lakeside outlets - Yorkshire) for schools and college. We taught my niece and Brother how to play too x


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