Friday, 4 August 2017

Tarts for 'Five on Friday'.

Happy Friday everyone, I'm joining with Five on Friday today with tarts, shopping, pub lunch and theatre night. 

Using up some pastry from making the chicken pie, teen 2 and I put together some jam tarts. The 'mixed fruit jam' is homemade by Debbie in the village - very nice it is too. The recipe is based on this one.

Holidays wouldn't be complete without buying supplies for 'back to school / college'. I'm not going to gloat as there's still the shoes and few trousers for college to get, but whew! It's good to be better organised than previous years. So with the supplies out the way, we popped into Tesco and picked up another Hairy Dieters cookbook - Fast Food here. I need to look into their breakfast granola cereal. So many cereals contain nuts, pumpkin seeds - (packaged seeds often say may contain soya), stoned fruits, barley or state may contain soya. All are not good for me.

A healthier beverage than too much fruit juice. I'm not keen on squash and preferring to drink water from a glass, I was pleased to see these bottles in Wilkos for taking out and about. I used to take a few slices of lemon to work many years ago. I'd keep adding water to it throughout the morning. A bit too posh really but this one I like. You can cut up whatever fruit you like and off you go. 

Not really sure how the diets going really, keep forgetting to weigh myself. M and I need to lose 5 lb each and generally reduce high refined sugars. Sorry the photo is dark, we were walking back from a lunchtime pub meal with the teens. It was overcast that day, then we rushed round making some Millionaires Shortbread for film night. I know that doesn't 'fit' in the same sentence of diet chat but... 
The dark brown cow / bull? - sorry I'm such a townie, has one horn up but the other pointing down. 

Thursday evening, teen one and I set off for the local theatre to watch his girlfriend in 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrel'. We took a detour into town due to the air ambulance dealing with a road traffic accident. The play had a good plot and a twist at the end. We enjoyed an ice-cream in the interval and offered congratulations at the end. A you tube clip offering a flavour of the show here and a film trailer here

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Have a good weekend
Cathy x


  1. Millionaire mouth is watering! And those tarts!! Look so yummy! What a great out and about water container with the sliced lemons...a great idea on a hot day.

    1. Thanks for commenting, have a good week x

  2. Those jam tarts look delicious! Great looking water bottle and great idea for the lemon slices. I need to get back to drinking water (with or without lemon). I've fallen back into my soda habits the past week and I can feel it(not in a good way). You've been so busy, really enjoyed reading your post and seeing all the photos.

    1. I don't drink anywhere near enough water really, must do better. It's good for you after all. Thank you for visiting, have a good week x

  3. Lovely five! I find it easier to drink more water if I have a glass or bottle to sort of measure against so I hope that it works well for you!

  4. Cathy the tarts looks delicious. I also like to add fruit to my water. I've seen those cups in the stores and have been tempted to buy one. I may have to go and get one for myself. We've also been busy school shopping. As soon as July is over everything shifts to back to school mode. I only have one left in high school so it's not too overwhelming for us this year.
    xx Beca