Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Sock knitting and back to school.

Hello and welcome. I was pleased to see my yellow sunflower, fully open today, just what's needed on this gloomy wet day. The petals and their shades of yellow and orange are a delight. I hope the weather is good wherever you are today. I collected teen 2 from the bus this evening, his first day back and not at all happy to be back at school, especially with the rain. It's not that he doesn't like school, rather he'd prefer to be at home. We arrived home just in time, before the heavens opened. Teen 1 has another day off before college starts back, he's always liked being at school, being a social child chatter box

My sock knitting is progressing, slowly. I've struggled with this one, not sure why exactly as I've knitted socks before. The pattern by Winwick Mum, is relatively simple as it's knitted in the round on short circular needles. M has read some parts of the pattern to me, and I've followed the instructions. The heel was looking a very funny shape before I asked him to 'sort this out'. It seems I was only decreasing on one side of the heel flap. As it's going to be for him, he has strong feelings about wanting to be able to wear it comfortably, fair enough. For the sock details, which I spoke about before see here.  

Overall, despite the frustration in understanding what I'm doing, I like this method of sock knitting. After trying it on, M found the leg section a bit loose. I'm going to continue and finish this pair and consider doubling the length of rib and reducing the cast on stitches by 4. If that produces a tighter leg section next time, I'll be happy. I'm not unpicking it again!

It's a good thing M asked me how many stitches I had last night, I'd been decreasing 2 stitches on alternate rows and I'd gone way too far. As he always points out, I spend longer unpicking than actual knitting. He terms it my anti-knitting. Now the heel flap, turn and gusset is complete, it's continuing knitting until nearer the toes. It should be quite straight forward now.

Time for tea and blueberry muffins with hidden blueberries. I made them in the food processor following an all-in-one method. I can't remember where I found this recipe from, I've copied it out into a recipe book a long time ago. The recipe uses oil, which is handy as teen 1 is dairy free at the moment. If he can avoid scratching his hands, I'm hoping he'll improve. The recipe is better with lots of blueberries, I've added dark chocolate chips to mine to fill them. If you'd like to bake some, with 'visible' blueberries here's the recipe. My fruit and chocolate are placed at the bottom of the cake cases. If you wish to use a food processor, either blitz quickly at the end to mix the fruit in without chopping, stir in the fruit or add separately to the cup cases.

More spring cleaning today, this time in the bathroom, complete with raindrops outside. With other routine cleaning jobs to be done such as hoovering and floor washing etc it seemed a strange day with the schools back today. It's a 4 day week for teen 2, so not so bad for him really, despite his protests. The summer holidays do seem a long time off. I think many children are already dreaming about their next summer holiday. 

Dinner time - Tuna pasta bake tonight. One is made with goats milk, goat cheese and sweetcorn, being dairy free can sometimes be difficult. As teen 1 isn't sure it's totally successful anyway, we've introduced goats milk and cheese. M isn't keen on sweetcorn and I can't eat it anyway, so the other has diced aubergine and cows milk. I've not tried the goats milk but having found the goats yoghurt to be sharp in taste, I can understand that teen 2 wasn't totally happy with it.

QT's had his dinner and has retreated to his bed. He tried and failed to gain some tuna from our dinner. He has 2 other proper cat beds upstairs but... cats! He chooses somewhere to sleep and returns to it frequently over a few days. At the moment the box is 'the one'. He's a funny boy.

Do leave a comment telling me what you've been doing today.


  1. Beautiful sunflower, they really are cheery flowers. I can't get on with knitting socks on a short circular needle, it makes my hands ache, I much prefer my dpns, but it's good there's a choice of ways to knit them and so many more people seem to be sock knitters these days. I think dpns put a lot of people off. We used to have a cat and he was obsessed with boxes, the smaller the better. We'd often find him wandering round with a box on his head that he couldn't get off!

  2. Arh poor cat. They are certainly very entertaining creatures. A previous cat of mine called Tommie, a ginger tom would chew a piece of a box, spit it out and chew another, repeat. I worked for Waitrose food stalls at the time and renewed his box every few weeks, literally picking up the small pieces for the fire x

  3. Beautiful Sunflower,my mum's fav mine is the Poppy.We have moggy beds all over the house too.Interesting post.x

    1. Love the poppies too. So many beautiful flowers, I love the large white daisy like flowers.


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