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Craft Project - Link Party - July

Hello there, welcome to the Craft Project - Link Party a sort of  knit & natter and sewing session in blogland. Thank you for your kind words last time and to those who joined in. If you'd like to join me and I'd love it if you did, please grab a cuppa, a comfortable chair and your own Craft Project bag. 

Today, you'll notice that I've not bought along any knitting, crochet or sewing to show you. Instead, I'm showing you some home made air deodorisers to freshen the air in the house. A must when you have pets or teenage lads. I've always preferred the neutraliser type air fresheners such as these ones that destroy odour as opposed to masking it. After watching Hugh & Anita on their 3 part series - War on Plastic here, I thought I really ought to swap needless plastic.

These ones are simple to make, you can obviously vary the look with some pretty or masculine fabric. I have used a 'clean' old cotton school shirt of teen 2, he won't need it anymore now as he's officially left school. Though he'll be going to 6th form for 2 years in September.

The recipe instructions are from this fantastic book that I borrowed from the library. I can not speak highly enough of this book if you are interested in making your own cleaning products. In here you'll find a range of ideas that clean well, without the use of harsh chemicals or breathing in toxic nasties.

Recipes in the book

Inside the book you can find safety guidance for using ingredients such as essential oils eg as they are poisonous, especially for cats. Supply information such as Baldwins & co, to buy glass bottles at a fraction of Amazon prices. The author discusses ingredients, even Vodka. Did you know it can clean,  deodorise, degrease and disinfect. No-nos such as Bicarb and vinegar mixed together, as they just cancel each other out and are rendered useless. See here for a look inside.

                        No photo description available.

In this air deodoriser I used Bicarbonate of soda (150g from this large box) and 7 drops each of Sweet orange and 7 drops of grapefruit essential oils. Stirred well and with the fabric in place over the top, I added the screw top. I put it up high on a dresser downstairs.

In the plain jar, I added 7 drops of ginger and black pepper with 7 drops of lemon. According to the instructions, you can shake it a bit and add more drops in time to refresh it. They should last about 3 months. This one went upstairs on top of a bookcase on the landing.

I used less than the recipe called for as I wasn't sure if it'd be overpowering, it isn't. It's subtle and delicate and not really noticeable, I will be topping it up to the full measure over the weekend and giving it a stir.

The jars that I used are Kilner jam jars, you'll notice the centre pops out. I purchased a plain one and a strawberry shaped one from Boyes in the Midlands. There was an orange shaped one too, they were all approx £2 each.

The Miaroma 100% pure essential oils were purchased from Holland & Barrett, a chain health food store in the UK. There were several at half price when I popped into the shop, the assistant advised the sweet orange was nice, so I went with that one amongst my purchases.

Wendy's blog Moral Fibres can be found here, in the side bar (of her blog) you'll find some more craft ideas such as -
Beeswax Food wrap DIY
Crochet some reusable Cotton Wool Pads.

Do join me if you'd like to show off your craft makes this month. Please be sure to link back to my blog please, so others can come and find everyone here.
Thank you
Cathy x

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