Tuesday, 4 July 2017


M bought me some Chrysanthemums, these ones had been dyed some interesting colours. It reminds me of the kids science experiment, where you stand some celery with the leaves left on, in a jug of dyed water. Slowly they 'drink' up the dye and the leaves change colour. Something pretty and cheerful as I've been absent for a while.

Thank you and welcome if you've recently starting reading my blog. It's mainly about my craft work, in particular crochet but you'll also find some knitting occasionally, cooking, books I'm reading and my beautiful 16 year old Maine Coon cat QT who is moulting lots at the moment.

Today QT is hanging round the kitchen, after a roast chicken at the weekend I wanted to use up the leftovers. As soon as the carcass is out the fridge he appears. This is no surprise really, but he'll be disappointed, as he'll not be getting any chicken. I find if he has any chicken, he'll be fussy and refuse his own cat food. 

This recipe for chicken pie is simple to make however you like really. You could buy ready made shortcrust or puff pastry. I made some shortcrust pastry whilst M cut up the vegetables and striped the chicken carcass.

The recipe calls for some asparagus cup of soup but any vegetable one will do. One thing I always forget is to only use half a cup of boiled water. The mushrooms etc produce plenty of liquid too.

QT's waiting again by the dining room table, for 'our' pie to come out the oven. This is his subtle, not really interested look. 

So onto my crochet and a quick blanket update, a bit more has been done since I was last on here. Sorry I've been absent from my blog lately, progress is slow on my blanket too. I don't tend to take it with me anymore when I go to knit and natter as it's just too big and bulky on your lap, especially in the heat. Everyone wants to keep taking a look each time, or ask questions and look at the attic 24 blog pictures too. Instead I've taken smaller projects that take up less space in the bag and aren't generally too much of a distraction.

It reminds me of when I used to take my cross stitch to work at Boots many years ago. After my lunch I'd sit and do some cross stitch before going back to work and then someone wanted to look through the pattern book or magazine you're working from. Promptly ending the sewing session!

It's looking very blue at the moment, time to reach for the sky! The turn of the blue yarns, a welcome change from the many greens. I really must get this finished, it's my birthday soon and I want to do another crocheted blanket. When we were away recently in our caravan I took my coastal cushion and it looked very much at home. I'm planning on taking the blanket away in the caravan the next time too.

I've been reading a lot lately but will talk about books next time.
Thanks for reading, do leave a comment below, I love to hear from you. Remember to add a photo of your craft work on my facebook page, I would love to see what you're making.
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