Friday, 28 July 2017

Five on Friday - Wooden gifts for hooks and needles.

I've not blogged for a while and found myself missing being in touch with you all in blog land. It was my birthday on Monday, Yay! 38 again (she lied). I've lost count of the years that I've celebrated my 38th birthday. It's a good sounding age and I'm sticking with it until I forget how old I really am.

I'm joining with Five on Friday again with some wooden craft items that were gifts once a while ago.

First up is a wool tree given to me by my husband for my birthday this week. It's been put to good use already.

Next is a needle case and pin cushion from my in-laws. I think they were both bought from Bosham craft centre some years ago. My Mother-in-law used to sell her hand made pottery lamps and planters - fired at home, in the craft shop upstairs. If ever you're visiting West Sussex do have a look in the little shops there. They are frequently changing vendors as different ones leave and new ideas take their place. Bosham harbour itself is a lovely place to visit, a bit muddy in places if you try wading out. Langstone harour nearby in Hampshire which is also well worth a visit if you like strolling along picturesque harbours.

Bobbin lace, wow this takes me right back. My first Christmas present from hubby, 29 years ago. I bought him a sea-grass wooden stool kit that year, which we still have in the lounge. When we lived in Kent, we'd visited a craft place and saw a lady sitting with her bobbin lace pillow working away. After chatting with her about my bobbin lace, I think she had designs on me taking over from her in demonstrating how bobbin lace was done. It was a voluntary thing with most visitors over the weekends and holidays.

Whilst in Birchington, Isle of Thanet, Kent, I ran a small group called 'Needles and Lace'. It started once a month at the local church, a bit like a knit and natter group, but for any crafts using needles or lace work. I took my bobbin lace cushion in one evening so that everyone could have a go. It's quite relaxing, whilst working in 2 x pairs of bobbins - sticks with beads attached.

Mine has become all a bit disheveled in it's box in the wardrobe. Generally speaking when you make up and align your bobbins, each pair should look identical. All the bobbins line up, the first end pair on the left 1, 2, is the working pair, working with 4 bobbins numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 you cross the bobbins in sequence taking the first working pair along to the end of the line, like this. The basic stitch 'cloth stitch' is the simplest to start with. After the first pair on the left reaches the other side, you insert a pin in the pre-marked card to hold the thread and continue back again. There are many videos on youtube if you're interested in seeing some lace being made.

My late Father-in-law made me this wooden table as a gift one year. It is well made and something that I'll treasure for ever. It sits alongside my arm chair and as it's a table too is often laden with all-sorts, such as a cup of tea, hand cream, box of tissues etc.

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  1. What beautiful wooden pieces. You must have a lot of patience to make lace, I love the bobbins you see, they are all so different and some really old.

  2. Many Happy Returns, Cathy. You made me giggle with 38 because when my mother was 60 my father organised a surprise party for her and in his speech, he thanked us all for coming to her 38th birthday party and said that he had known her for almost 50 of those 38 years! Your father-in-law is a clever chap but what I really covet is that needle case, it's perfect. Happy weekend. x

    1. Golly, this'll definitely be me for sure. The needle case was made from a lathe. It's very smooth to touch. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment x

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! I enjoyed reading about your well-loved gifts. The table is beautiful.

  4. Beautiful wooden pieces, and I am in awe of the lace work! Happy Birthday!

  5. Thank you for the birthday wishes and for taking the time to visit. I enjoyed reading your comments x


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