Friday, 17 March 2017

Yarn bombing

A cheery bunch of beautiful flowers that I purchased from the supermarket in the week. The weather outside seems to be turning decidedly cold, overcast, wet and windy. Make that very windy! After a trip to the Post Office where we were left waiting whilst the assistant 'had' to finish her counting, I nearly left without paying, oops! She'd just put me in shock at how much it would cost to guarantee next day delivery for a large letter to a town 15 miles away. They wanted over £10, I could've driven there and back for much less in petrol. 

I discovered another setting on M's camera a Canon Power Shot A40. It's so bold and bright giving vivid colours that pop. I still think the SLR camera has the edge, but just love these colours, even though they're false, the true colours are in the first photograph. Both were taken without using the flash.

QT in the kitchen getting very hungry as I keep trying to take a picture. Teen 2 is shaking a packet of Dreamies above my head to make him look up. Why do cats always seem to be hungry, always shouting for food and pestering for biscuits. If I've been out in the evenings, QT will be waiting looking out down the garden for me, or sleeping near my chair, the soon as I appear he meets me and ushers me to the biscuit tin. The same tin that's become a 'biscuit time tin' and not a reward for sitting on our laps.

Yesterday I set off to attend a new 'Knit and Natter' group. There was only 4 of us altogether and next week there'll be one less as one of the members is on holiday. It's not looking good if I'm honest! Would that put you off attending too? I bought 2 more balls of wool with the intention of making some bunting for putting up when we have birthdays in our family. Love the colours, don't love the price, way more expensive than I'd normally spend. I took my blanket and sat crocheting whilst drinking tea and getting to know new people.

There are several groups hosted in the local library but it just feels wrong chatting away with the noise level rising when people are quietly trying to choose books. The idea behind these groups is to bring more people into the library, a sort of 'use it or lose it drive' I suppose. I saw 2 books on-line that I wanted to order through the library, whether they're still too new I don't know but I've resorted to buying them through Amazon. It's these two here and here. The flowers looked quite sweet, though there are many free patterns on-line too such as roses and more roses. The second one has US terminology but that's easy enough to convert here.

One of the ladies in the group was yarn bombing a wooden bike frame ready for the shop's window display. I don't know who constructed it but it was quite brilliant. The idea is to celebrate and support a forthcoming bike race through the local town. She had a pile of pieces that had been previously knitted and she was in the process of sewing them onto the bike. Amazing! It did look good, I'll have to try and get a photo next time.

I mentioned to them about yarn bombing with angels (it's a secret - so can't say more) instantly they were keen to get started, willing to knit or crochet some for me.  As they were so enthusiastic I'll print off some patterns and take copies with me next week. Knitter's do seem to be kind hearted and generous folk with all the knitting/crocheting for charity they are willing to do.

There are 3 separate patterns for the angels - knitting, crochet and sewing. I've included the pattern here here & here for each respectively, if you'd like to make some too.

Please note - these angel patterns may take up to a few minutes to open.

Afterwards I dashed home, very nearly didn't notice teen 1 girlfriend in town, as he said, 'Mum is very tunnel vision when she's out shopping - she's got her list and just gets on with it and back home again', sorry. For dinner the family had Liver Stroganoff, many people don't seem to like liver which is a shame because this recipe is delicious, very tender and not at all like the hard chewy lumps from long ago school dinners. I'm not sure if this cookery book is still available as it's an old book and mine was by Treasure Press not M&S like here. If not Delia Smith's version here will be equally delicious I'm sure, though she doesn't include bacon. I do think the bacon cut into strips adds something to this dish, particularly handy if children don't like liver as they can have plenty of bacon. Nice served with green beans on a bed of rice. The whole meal can be ready in about 20 mins or less, depending on how prepared you are first.

Thank you for reading, as always do let me know what you're up to crafting wise. Also if you've ever done any yarn bombing before x


  1. Ohh I love Liver that sounds so yummy. Unfortunately Neil wouldn't eat it.

  2. That's a shame as it's very tasty. I guess you could use thin slithers of steak instead. M used to cook liver with an onion gravy and serve with mash potato and green beans. Nice, but it can be hard so I'm not so keen.


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