Friday, 24 March 2017

Crochet books and planning

These blue hyacinth belonging to my son are this years offering, not last years ones honest. I love the deep blue colour of these bulbs, whoever washes up can see these through the kitchen window. These are last years. The yellow daffodils are still looking cheerful in the garden too, they are in a sort of island border to one side of the garden. Our house many years ago was actually 2 houses that have been converted into one. This border is alongside what we call the secret path which was really the path for the second house.  

I've noticed the start date for this blog was 17th February meaning it's been running for just over a month now. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it. You've probably gathered by now I try and post twice a week, usually a Tuesday and a Friday. I will try my best to keep to those 2 days for continuity. My original intention in writing a blog was first to have fun in chatting about the creative things that interest me and second to be motivated 'to do more' by being accountable in writing about what I've been making - knitting, crocheting, sewing and even cooking. 

In taking photographs I've had to think about how to improve my picture taking, using both the point and shoot and the SLR cameras. Both cameras alone will not 'just make it happen', they both need experimenting with, which takes time and practice. On the whole I'd say it was an enjoyable experience. I've begun to notice more opportunities to appreciate the goodness and beauty around my own little world. It's amazing what you see when you're on the lookout for a photo opportunity.

I wanted to show you the second book I've purchased recently which as it says on the cover has the cutest designs in 'cute and easy projects'. I've managed to remove the dreadful sticker from the front cover and it looks fine now. Goodness knows why it said £9, I only paid 22p + postage. I had asked on the facebook page if you bought craft magazines and which ones. At the moment I'm finding books are better value for money and maybe a magazine if I'm away from home or other special occasions. What are your thoughts, have you a favourite and do you think they are value for money? 

Below is a planner I've purchased recently as I wanted all my to do lists and general planning all in one place. I choose the purple one, with different postage rates I think they probably work out the same cost, which was under £10. There are some photographs of the inside so you can take a look. The size of the book is smaller than I imagined being just under an A5 but it is a lot cheaper than some and very much cheaper than the 'design your own' style ones. It isn't dated so if you don't use it for a while that's absolutely fine, if you can live with this design, I think it's great.

I've always enjoyed planning things, writing lists and bringing administration to whatever I find myself involved in. My Nan has always had some knitting on the go and often my Mum too. The whole process is fascinating to me - I'm easily pleased I know - from choosing a pattern and yarn, to feeling the wool, sniffing it too - the 'squidgy'-ness of the yarn!

My Nan also used to plan her weekly menu which I've shamelessly copied for years now. The teens like to know what's for dinner for the week, sometimes helping to cook or on rare occasions cooking the evening meal themselves. Watching the strange way teen 1 cooks, it's best to just walk away. I really don't care what some top chef says! But, it's always ok and absolutely delicious.


Taking a look inside - you'll find 
in here space to plan your whole year in 2 parts (6 months over 2 pages) with projects etc, 

and 12 double page spreads to plan your month pages.
I love how this page spread has socks on it, teen 2 always used to take a sock to bed every night, before he could even walk. Very strange habit especially as it'd been worn. I have some sock wool - clean, soft and squidgy, waiting to be turned into socks, a self patterning mauve and a green self patterning yarn. The soon as I've finished the Moorland blanket - halfway- I need to finish teen 1 knitted wash cloth, then I'm wanting to spend some time crocheting some small items, bunting probably for starters. Later in the year I may crochet another blanket of attic 24- the coastal one this time but... not yet!

and lastly with the planner-  planning your days, which is the main part of the planner. You simply circle the date and the day on the next line. Anything special for that day could go into the bottom box such as- 'write the blog'. 

I've always liked to cook or bake mostly at the expense of doing some more necessary jobs on my to do list such as ironing! The cookery challenge that I wrote about here has been a lot of fun, I'll talk about that the first week of the month and try and show some photographs. It's been really good to try new recipes and broaden our menu selection for different weeks. I can't believe I have so many books but only really use 1 or 2 recipes from most of them, shocking!

At knit and natter this week I snapped a quick photo of the bike they are still busy yarn bombing. I think it looks great, the lady sewing on the pieces has worked so hard, bless her.

Dinner tonight is Tuna pasta bake.
Jobs for the week- more crocheting of the blanket and get a move on with the book club read.

Please do let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments below.


  1. You are so different from me Cathy, I just bake, knit or crochet whatever the fancy takes me to.At the moment it is a blanket fir a grandchild due in July. I am also knitting squares for the knit and natter church group who donate to knit for peace .I have been busy planting seeds in my kitchen this week and I'm so happy all except the cucumbers have appeared.The lupins came up overnight as did the little gem lettuce.Ive been painting the kitchen which at 3rd feet long is a mammoth task.Busy days fly by and there is so much to do.

    1. I think the reason I have so many projects waiting is because I tend to have several different things on the go at once- some knitting, crochet and sewing. There's always something waiting to be done.
      Sounds like you are busy with your planting again. How big is your kitchen? Unfortunately we can't have a table in our kitchen as it's long and narrow. It has a breakfast bar at one end with 2 standing stools. The room itself has 4 exits off it too- utility, backdoor, pantry and dinning room making it too awkward.
      You're right there is always so much to do.


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