Saturday, 7 April 2018

Five on Friday - April

Hello everyone, I'm joining with Five on Friday with five random things happening here at QT's house. Ha ha, peeps have asked for him to feature on posts and I thought today on 'Five on Fridays' was ideal. I'm going to hand over to 'himself' to write his own piece to finish off this week's post. 

1) Enjoying my new frog for Easter from the Husband. When I got up and went downstairs on Easter Sunday, I found him (the frog) on the table. He's grey with white raised patterning.

He's outside with the other frog. There seems to be a frog gathering in the garden now as the - frog below - is closeby.

2) Marvelling at the Amaryllis Triffid from last year. I had trimmed it down at the end of flowering and put it in the front porch, watering it only about once a month. I'm not sure on the correct care but it seemed the right thing to do at the time.

                                            The Perfectly Imperfect Woman - cover

3) Listening to 'The Perfectly Imperfect Woman' by Milly Johnson.

Recently I've listened to -

Meet me at Beachcomber Bay by Jill Mansell
Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe by Milly Johnson
The Yorkshire Pudding Club by Milly Johnson

Before these, I've listened to -
Summer at the Lake - Erica James
The Dandelion Years - Erica James
Airs and Graces - Erica James
Hidden Talents - Erica James
It's the Little Things - Erica James
Act of Faith - Erica James 
I love Erica James' books, she explores relationships within Erica's books and she's very entertaining.

And these -
One Night in Italy - Lucy Diamond
The Secret of Happiness - Lucy Diamond
The Year of Taking Chances - Lucy Diamond
Summer at Shell Cottage - Lucy Diamond     
The House of New Beginnings - Lucy Diamond
Me and Mr Jones - Lucy Diamond
Summer With My Sister - Lucy Diamond

Lucy Diamonds' books were all entertaining with a few lol moments.

                                            THE FOURTH FRIEND a gripping crime thriller full of stunning twists by [ELLIS, JOY]

4) Reading this book for the book club.

5) QT Watching - as you can see, I'm full of life! Aren't my whiskers and ear fluff just lovely, M isn't allowed whiskers but me... I get away with allsorts. I mustn't cough up a fur ball, or I'll be shut out this room with the morning sunshine. My people are so fussy.
Not sure what went wrong with the camera settings, it's ruining my complexion! I'm looking a bit washed out now, maybe I'll take a selfie next time. Ermm, maybe not, sounds a lot of work, I am retired after all. Biscuit lady often says I'm here for my retirement and tells me I'm looking tired and need a rest, I'm allowed. Meow!
Well thanks for stopping by, I need to catch up on my sleep now zzzz
QT x

*Have you read - The Fourth Friend by Joy Ellis?
*Have you ever made Pate? A strange question, I know. When I was shopping this week, all the pates in several shops had - 'may contain nuts'. I'm avoiding nuts totally at the moment as I continue sorting diet issues. So I'm thinking of having a go at making my own pate. I've seen a few tasty sounding recipes in a Delia Smith cookery book - The black complete version.
* No craft today - I started knitting socks but got distracted and did some more crochet. What are you crafting at the moment?
* What are you reading today?
* I'm off to cook dinner - jacket potato with bacon, tomato, mushrooms (of course) and grated cheese. I may do a salad as well. What are you having for dinner?

Well bye for now, thank you for stopping by. I love reading your comments and will be popping round to catch up with blog reading over the weekend.


  1. Enjoyed reading your post. Such fun and cute frogs in your garden. You have a hairball coughing cat as well? Haven't read the books you mention or made pate (always thought it was made from goose liver which (forgive me) sounds yucky but are there other kinds?). I'm reading a big thick non-fiction book called The Naughty Nineties by David Friend. Pretty interesting so far. Your dinner sounds great, we are just hitting lunchtime here, boring frozen pizza. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks Jean, yes QT is very much into coughing hairballs but since being tested and having meds for his thyroid, thankfully it's not anywhere near as often. Regular grooming helps him, especially combing with a moulting comb. This one -
      We've not had bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes with jacket potatoes & grated cheese before. We swapped the salad for tinned spaghetti. Teen 2 is not into salad. The teens like pizza, that's usually a Friday dinner here, often with leftovers late at night or Saturday breakfast for them. Cx

  2. Awww, I love all your frogs. It's pigs which gather in my garden, I have a bit of a thing for pigs. Your amaryllis is fabulous, I usually throw them out when they finish flowering and buy new the following year but I may just pop mine in the porch this time and do as you did. I think QT should feature every week, he could have his very own column, lol. Biscuit Lady, that made me chuckle. Your dinner sounds very appetising. I can't remember the last time we had jacket potatoes, we had them a lot at one time. I shall definitely do them for a meal next week.

    1. Ha ha, he'll get a big head. Oh yes, cats do have big heads and love themselves already. M says QT calls me Biscuit Lady, I suppose he would if he could talk. Or he'd call me the Pesky Cuddling One, he's not keen on cuddles really. M isn't keen on jacket potato really, so we don't have them all that often. Cx

  3. Thank you for the audio book suggestions. I am an audio book devotee and will write them all down. Happy Weekend.

    1. A few I've borrowed as CD's from the library but the others are all free downloads through the library. Libraries around the world subscribe to this service, my county library have 2 different ones online. I can borrow them for about 3 weeks at a time and listen on my phone or whatever device I downloaded them to. Enjoy the weekend, Cx

  4. *Have you read - The Fourth Friend by Joy Ellis? No, is it good?
    *Have you ever made Pate? No. :-)
    * No craft today - I put 2 rows on my Woodland blanket while at a training workshop.
    * What are you reading today? "An Ocean Apart" by Robin Pilcher
    * I'm off to cook dinner - What are you having for dinner? No idea, our DIL cooks for us and it's always a surprise. :-)

    1. You are very lucky Teresa having someone cooking for you. I read Starting Over by Robin Pilcher many years ago but I can't really remember the story now. Cx

  5. I love the frogs. Very cute. I keep thinking about trying an audio book. I've never listened to one before. X

    1. Thanks Jules, A few I've borrowed as CD's from the library but the others are all free downloads through the library. Libraries around the world subscribe to this service, my county library have 2 different ones online. I can borrow them for about 3 weeks at a time and listen on my phone or whatever device I download them to. Enjoy the weekend, Cx

  6. I'm crocheting and cross stitching at the moment but intend to get something on the knitting needles soon. Baked Iced Tea Bread this weekend and thinking of a quiche for tea tonight (baked by my own fair hand of course) and I am currently reading Kathryn Hughes new novel (her third book) called The Key started it on Friday and 3/4 through and would definitely recommend.

    Mitzi x

    1. I will try make a tea bread next weekend, I used to bake them a lot. Some recipes were to slice with butter spread on them. Cx

  7. I love your frog pot! It looks great outside with flowers inside. The amaryllis is so pretty and love the vibrant color! Cute cat! Hope you enjoyed your audiobooks!

    1. Thanks Lisa, sorry I took a while to reply. I've been quite absent in blogland lately. I've been listening to more audiobooks recently. I've set up a local Knit & Natter group which is very enjoyable each week. Cx

  8. A lovely read! Those red flowers are beautiful.

  9. Hi,loving the photos,especially of QT.That Amaryllis is so Beautiful.No not read that book,but most of the others.Yes I have made pate,it's easy.Delia Smiths Sultana Tea Loaf is sooooo delish too.Hugs and a Huge Cuddle for that handsome QT.xxxx

  10. Let us know if The Fourth Friend is good, okay? Oh, your QT is very cute! My little striped wonder has followed me up to my study even though he was sleeping on the sofa just moments ago.
    I hope you have a great week!


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