Sunday, 25 March 2018

Weekend Stitches - Double Crochet (UK) - Front / Back Loop (alternate rows)

Block 2 complete, each section is 10 rows

Hello, welcome to 'Weekend Stitches', I hope you are well. This next square has been blocked and like the first square, measures 20 cm sq. To recap, I made a chain of 36 + 2 stitches.  I then crocheted 10 rows of treble crochet (tr, US - dc) followed by 10 rows of half treble crochet (htr, US - hdc).

NB I'm using UK terminology. 
Conversion chart here

All the detailed information of the yarn including colours and hook size, conversion chart and close up photos of 'where to put your hook' can be found here

Double Crochet (dc) alternate rows of front loop / back loop (US - sc) 

Insert hook through back or front loop only (1 row of each),
yarn over hook, 
grab yarn (turn your hook down to hold fast the yarn) pull through loop - (2 loops on the hook).
Yarn over hook, pull yarn through both loops - (1 loop on your hook).

This section in cheviot (grey) dc.

With 36 stitches from previous row, I crocheted 10 rows as follows:-

Row 1
- Join on new colour and ch 1, ignore the stitch at the base of the hook and insert hook into the 
back part only of the next stitch, 1 dc. 
cont dc in back part only of each (V) stitch to the end of the row, turn.

Row 2 - ch 1, 1 dc in front part only of the next stitch.

cont dc in front part only of each (V) stitch to the end of the row, turn.

Cont row 1 and 2 until desired length, fasten off.

Sew in all ends.

Square 2 alongside square 1

My thoughts on this stitch

It was easy enough to do, one row in the back half and one row in the front half of the V stitch. You just need to remember which row you've previously done until you recognise the stitch. Especially if you put the work to one side for a while. For the same number of rows in tr or htr, your project will be dense but grow slowly.
This stitch creates dense rows of soft ridges and crocheting rows in different colours would emphasize this. It would suit projects such as washcloths, bags or cushions. 

Colours used so far

First square part 1 & part 2
Second square part 1

I hope you've enjoyed 'Weekend Stitches' so far. I've certainly enjoyed putting it together and comparing stitches within a swatch sample. I'm not sure which stitch I'll be crocheting next time. I've purchased 2 new colours since these colours (above).
I'm still wanting to keep a 'Coastal theme - Lincolnshire style' with the sand dunes, marsh grass and seals.

Perhaps I'll start next time with the 2 new colours -
Winter White - shade 139
Teal - shade 131

Until next time, thank you for stopping by.

Do you have a favourite stitch that you like to use - crochet or knitting?

Have you made a craft item to reflect an area of interest to you eg:- in crochet, knitting, sewing? Such as in knitting - Mind the Gap socks, In searching google for these, I came across Christina's blog and have enjoyed reading her take on them.

If you have any questions, do leave a comment.

Thank you for visiting, do let me know if you've tried this stitch.


  1. I really like those colors and think winter white and teal would also look fabulous. My mom loved to crochet but I never quite mastered it (it was hard for her to try and teach me as she was right handed and I'm left handed, at least that's what I'm sticking to for my no talent in that area excuse ;)). Hope you've had a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Jean, if you should change your mind and fancy a go, Bella Coco's Left Handed you tube channel is fantastic. There are lots of tutorials on her channel. Cx

  2. I always enjoy seeing crochet stitches and tutorials. My favorite stitch is a double crochet. US style. I like doing hats, blankets and shawls. Have a super week ahead. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes I think that seems to be the most common stitch especially as peeps start with the granny square. I've not made a hat yet, I think I should as I'm definitely a hat person. Cx

  3. It's so long since I've picked up my crochet hook yet I've still got things I need to finish. I'm sure I'll get back to it soon.

    1. It's always good to have a plan. You do make some gorgeous socks Jo, Cx


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